Course curriculum

    1. Introduction from Kim Hiles, your Instructor

    2. Introduction

    3. Go through all of the SLIDES

    4. Learning Outcomes

    5. Meditation/Mindfulness is part of the process

    1. Message from the Instructor

    2. Lesson 1: Energy

    3. Healing with Crystals (on Spotify) with music

    4. Resource: Gratitude

    5. Lesson 2: Patterns

    6. Resource: Patterns

    7. Lesson 3: Healing

    8. Forgiveness Audio on Spotify (with music)

    9. Recapitulation Example

    10. Addiction?

    11. Lesson 4: Authenticity

    12. A+B=C

    13. ABC a simple explanation on attitude/response

    14. Don't say YES when you really mean NO

    15. Where your Energy Flows....

    1. Message from the Instructor

    2. Lesson 5: Create your Soulmate

    3. Lesson 6: Practice with Feeling

    4. Rehearse until it's Real (Fall in love)

    1. Message from the Instructor

    2. Lesson 7: Mirror Mirror

    3. Mirror explained using a simple example

    4. Lesson 8: Release the Blame

    5. Resource: Mirror

    6. Lesson 9: Positive Interactions

    7. Lesson 10: Crucial Conversation

    8. Lesson 11: Your Ideal Life

    9. Your Ideal Life journaling

    10. No One Size Fits All

    1. Message from the Instructor

    1. Meditation/Mindfulness

    2. More Resources

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Kim Hiles

Educator, Intuitive Guide, Author

Kim Hiles is the founder and senior instructor of the Heal•Empower•Create Institute. As a successful Social Emotional Learning Specialist, Kim has been working with students and families for 20 years. Kim has conducted workshops and training on interpersonal relationships, parenting, teacher training and has acted as a consultant. She loves to write and to speak about important topics. Kim was a cable show host of "The Spiritual Experience" in Massachusetts and was presenter at the Austin School Garden Network Conference, "Cultivating Wellness.” Kim is the author of three books focusing on healing, empowering and creating. Her blog, Walks with Strays, has been helping people all over the world find meaning, understanding and clarity. Kim offers books, podcasts, videos and short and uplifting messages, depending on your learning style. Check it out at In addition to being an expert Educator in her field, Kim is a 3rd degree Reiki Practitioner and ICF accredited Certified Professional Coach (CPC) through the International Association of Professional Recovery Coaches (IAPRC). Kim is highly intuitive and an Empath and has been doing energy and healing work for 27 years. You will find Kim's approach to be authentic and attainable. Kim has a holistic approach to living. She has personally overcome addiction, anxiety, depression and relationship issues to name a few and enjoys empowering others. MISSION STATEMENT: Empower, teach and guide spiritual seekers ready to let go of their outdated stories in creating purpose, meaning, love and magic into their lives.